2018 Tableau Conference – Wednesday

Keynote – Devs on Stage

2018.3 features
Transparent Worksheets and Zones!
Web Edit Upgrades

PowerPoint Export

Don’t gamble on your dashboard | Effective visual design
Speaker(s): Katie Hernandez, Tableau & Ryan Lanigan, Tableau
Content Type: Hands-On Training
Level: Intermediate
Track: Dashboards and Design

I was on a wait list to get into this one.
I was on the schedule to attend later in the day but this one fit my schedule a little better.

I learned that design is subjective. I did things completely different than the presenters. I also worked with Actions in detail, which was out of my comfort zone. (But that’s how we grow, right?)


While I did learn, I think maybe I would have gotten more takeaways from other sessions as this one was all morning.


This was the most useful slide: I tried to figure out how to reach Katie and determine where it came from and get a better screenshot but have failed so far. As of this writing the slides aren’t up yet.

Data Pride Eat and Greet

How to Train your Data Dragon 1:45p to 2:45p
lots of great things here <blog in progress>

#Datakids What can a 9-year-old teach you about Tableau 4:15 – 4:45
lots of great things here <blog in progress>

Iron Viz
I didn’t attend this year, but it was streaming on youtube. I had to high tail it back to my AirBnB, dump my bag and get ready for data night out!

Data Night OUT!
Here is a Video I found that really shows how HUGE this party was:

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