Can you build a bar chart that automatically combines small contributions?


  • Dashboard 1100 x 900 – 1 sheet
  • Create a bar chart that dynamically combines States based on the percentage of total contributing Sales
  • For states beneath the threshold, they should be combined into one bucket called “All Other States”
    • This should be at the bottom of the bar chart
  • The rest of the states that contribute more than the threshold should be displayed in descending order
  • Tooltips for state names should be blue for the blue bars and gray for the “All Other States” bar
  • Labels for bars should be sitting on top of the bar
  • Construct a subtitle that shows the number of states in blue and the number in gray
  • Match any remaining formatting


This week uses the Superstore Data Set from 2019.3 (it goes through the end of 2019)