Tableau Conference 2018 #ME!

Tableau Conference 2018 #ME!

Sitting in the front of a room with 15,000 other people waiting for Adam Grant to kick off the day three keynote and this photo popped up!

From left to right: 

Adam Grant spoke about his book, Give and Take:”Why Helping Others Drives Our Success”

Adam explained personalities and how to work with them.

There are takers, and there are givers.
1. Screen Out Takers
2. Create Psychological Safety (“Kill the Company” book
3. Encourage help-seeking “Come to me with a solution, not a problem” mentality has to stop.
4. Make unfamiliar familiar
5. Put your worst foot forward
6. Set boundaries on time – sprinkling vs chunking time to help people. It’s more effective to schedule “Office Hours” than to stop your flow when people walk up to your desk.

Unlock new data sources with Tableau Web Data connectors
Advanced Hands on Lab: Learned how to connect an API to a Tableau Web Data connector using JavaScript. I will attach that code for you (and for me to reference). If I haven’t done it yet reach out to me on twitter. 😉


This was one of my favorite events of the conference. The Tableau Public community came together, share their wins and failures, learned new skills (for me; Web Scraping tips), and bonded over drinks. This really encouraged me to step up my community outreach. Key takeaway was from Vince Baumel (@Quantum_Relic) who stated that “Done is better than perfect”. That’s why you see this blog today. Check out his post about this topic.

Attending this session (and this entire event) is what motivated me to get off my rear and why you are reading this post today.